Faversham Photography Guide

  Faversham, nestled in the picturesque county of Kent, England, is a town steeped in rich history and charm. Situated on the banks of the scenic Faversham Creek, this market town boasts a captivating blend of medieval architecture, quaint streets, and bustling markets. Renowned for its maritime heritage, Faversham has been a centre of trade and industry since ancient times, with evidence of settlement dating back to prehistoric periods. Today, it remains a vibrant hub, offering visitors a delightful mix of cultural attractions, including historic buildings, traditional pubs, and the famous Shepherd Neame Brewery, Britain’s oldest brewery still in operation. I’ve been photographing in and around Faversham for years. I’m currently revisiting a lot of these locations at the moment to get some updated pictures so I thought this would be a good time to arrange all my best shots to date here in this blog post.        The Creeks My main photographic interest over the years have been the boats and buildings along Faversham Creek and the nearby Oare Creek. In the right conditions, typically at high tide and calm winds these waterways are stacked with potential and are fantastic to photograph all year round.     […]

Christmas lights!

A selection of photographs from this years Christmas decorations from Canterbury, Faversham and Ramsgate Marina. As I have been supplying images for calendars recently I thought it would be a good idea to shoot some festive images for next years designs. These images were all taken in December 2019 during the blue hour which would show the lights off at their best. Canterbury I live in Canterbury so you would have thought I’d get these images easily. However, the crowds of shoppers at this time of the year made shooting in Mercery Lane near impossible so that one required an early Sunday start! Faversham I was due to go into The Refinery to restock my greeting cards anyway so it made sense to shoot some Christmas lights here too. I was lucky that there was a light shower just before shooting which reflected the lights nicely on the town centre streets. Ramsgate The illuminations at Ramsgate Marina in aid of the RNLI have been going for years but I had never made it over to see them. If I get sunsets like this every time I’ll go every year..! Thanks and I hope you have enjoyed seeing my 2019 Christmas […]

Faversham – The start of a new project

I had my first solo exhibition earlier this year at Garage Coffee Canterbury. The show lasted for about a month and it was a great way to get my work and myself out in the public a bit with the chance it could lead to sales and other opportunities. And it did. After the exhibition finished I was contacted by the owners of a new venture in Faversham who had some fresh walls for me to fill. In April I moved my Kent Landscapes and Seascapes exhibition over to ‘The Refinery‘ in Faversham’s West Street and since then I have been focussed on producing new local Faversham landscapes to display. I had a few good images local to Faversham anyway but I would need to get out exploring again if I were to fulfil my aim of filling the space with purely local shots. Over the next few weeks, I visited previously known and unknown locations looking for photographic potential. I’ve come to discover that Faversham is blessed with marshes, creeks, historic buildings and charming town streets which offer a lot to the photographer. There are a few locations that I think will come into their own in Winter but […]