Herne Bay Location Guide

Herne Bay is a seaside town on the North Kent coast which has a lot to offer the photographer and all within a tight area. In this guide I have compiled my favourite views in and around Herne Bay to shoot, I live nearby so it has become a go-to spot for me when the light is right. This is in no way exhaustive as I have a few more angles on my to-do list also!

Herne Bay Pier

sunset at herne bay pier
The sun sets in between the pillars in Summer

Herne Bay used to have the second longest pier in the country before storms collapsed the central section in 1978, leaving the pier head isolated out to sea. This only makes the view of the pier leading towards the detached head in the distance all the more interesting and unique in my opinion though.

sunrise at herne bay pier
From the other side of the pier at sunrise

The pier can be shot well from either side depending on the direction of the light. For example, during the Summer it can be effective to shoot the setting sun in between the pillars of the pier; just be careful of standing too long in the mud. That stuff is treacherous!

Pier Head

The detached pier head can make for an ideal subject in its own right. I shot this below using my 70-200 lens from on the end of Neptune’s Arm breakwater under a pink sunset sky in winter. You can get a similar view from on the end of the main pier but it is often closed during the best light at either end of the day.

herne bay pier head
The isolated pier head under a pink winter sky

I chased these clouds along the seafront to the beach near the King’s Hall to be able to position the last bit of colour behind the pier head.

herne bay pier head isolated
Twilight colour behind the pier head

The pier head makes a good focal point in a lightning storm; if you’re stupid committed enough to be out in one that is!

lighting storm herne bay pier
A good place to catch the lightning storm

Neptune’s Arm Breakwater

There are some worthwhile views from on the breakwater looking back at the clocktower and seafront. I especially like to be here at dusk to capture the lights reflected on the wet shore.

Herne Bay breakwater panoramic at dusk
Twilight panoramic of the Neptune’s Arm breakwater at Herne Bay
herne bay harbour panoramic
The view from the end of the breakwater looking towards the clocktower at dusk

At the very far end is a nice view looking towards Hampton Pier to the west. I took this shot as these fast-moving storm clouds moved across the sky which I captured with a long exposure.

hampton pier storm herne bay
Looking west towards Hampton Pier

Beach Huts

Near the Hampton Pier end of Herne Bay are some rows of colourful beach huts which in this instance I have tried to frame around the pier head in the distance.

herne bay beach huts
The colourful beach huts of Herne Bay juxtaposed with the stark view out to sea

Halfway towards Reculver

Further along the coast towards Reculver, there are good views looking back towards the town. To get this angle of the clocktower lit up at dusk, I put my wellies on and walked out into the tide a short way. It was a very calm, peaceful night which enabled some nice reflections too, which is always a bonus!

herne bay seafront
The clocktower illuminated at dusk from along the coast nr Beltinge

Thanks for reading about my few favourite spots to shoot along the coast at Herne Bay..!

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