Whitstable, West Beach

A taste of the sort of photos available at this beautiful location on North Kent coast at Whitstable, West Beach.

Panoramic image of the old jetty at twilight

To the west of Whitstable’s harbour is a long shingle beach known as West Beach which is as good a spot as anywhere on the North Kent coast for photography. Popular with the crowds during the day, this north westerly facing location comes into it’s own especially during a summer sunset when most people will be out of the way chilling on the beach with a beer from the Old Neptune pub.

There are many subjects to shoot here but my favourite are the wildflowers that grow in the shingle and sprout out in between the various boats and kayaks left on the beach.

Sunset, wildflowers and boats

Wildflowers growing in between the various kayaks on the beach
The shingle beach is full of kayaks and small boats to use in compositions
The West Beach is an ideal Summer sunset location

To the far end of the beach are a row of colourful wooden beach huts. Some of these have an extravagant paint job, like this hut below which I framed in the centre of my panoramic.

Beach Huts panoramic made during twilight
Colourful traditional beach huts at the far end of the beach under twilight skies

Near these huts is an old jetty that requires a very well-timed visit to capture the tide at the desired height. Add planning around sunset into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for a lot of failed trips..!

The Old Jetty – shot at the end of the hottest day in 2021 before the storms arrived
A different take on the Old Jetty – 2 shots blended for full depth of field
Despite West Beach’s popularity, solitude can often be found after the sun sets
Wavecrest’ – the premier terrace on the beach at dusk
This well placed boat appears in many photos taken on this beach

Thanks for viewing my recent work from Whitstable West Beach 🙂

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