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Folkestone Photographic Guide


Folkestone Harbour on Kent coast


Folkestone is an increasingly popular town on the East Kent coast which I have visited many times and so I thought I would share my tips for any visiting photographer. The main areas can be broken down into three sections;

  • the harbour
  • arches at Sunny Sands
  • the harbour arm and lighthouse


The harbour


The rows of brightly coloured fishing boats in the harbour can make for an attractive shot from either direction. My favourite image here was taken just after sunrise with the old railway bridge which intersects the harbour beautifully side lit by golden light. The harbour can completely empty out at low tide which is something to beware of if you are interested in shooting reflections. Blue hour shots can also work well here using the illuminated town and seafront restaurants in the background.



folkestone harbour at sunrise kent




Arches at Sunny Sands beach


The arches underneath the promenade on Sunny Sands beach are ideal for when the weather or light is not the best. Typical shots include shooting through the gaps to show the arches fade off into infinity, also shooting out to sea towards the harbour arm can work well. The entry to the arches can be accessed at high tide although waiting until low tide is best if you wish to walk through the entirety. Sunny Sands beach is also one of the few notable Kent surfing spots so when the conditions are right images of surfers riding waves in front of the harbour arm can be achieved.







Harbour Arm and lighthouse


The newly renovated harbour arm is now open to the public offering fine views back towards the town and along the coast in either direction. Access is rightfully denied during any storms as waves can often be hurled overhead! This can make for a good photo opportunity and safely achieved from the nearby carpark. The lighthouse at the far end is an obvious focal point to compositions which at the right time of the year can be nicely silhouetted by the rising Sun.





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  1. Ute Rivet
    January 15, 2018

    Thank you. This photographic guide with it’s recommendations is a pretty good idea to find special spots !!
    Love the b&w photo with the arches 🙂

    • admin
      January 15, 2018

      Thanks for reading, Ute. Glad you found it useful..!

  2. Jean
    January 15, 2018

    Some nice photos of Folkestone where I grew up. Might I suggest a trip to ‘The Warren’ next time you visit as I feel a photographic guide of Folkestone is incomplete without including this area of outstanding natural beauty.

    • admin
      January 15, 2018

      Thanks for reading, Jean. I was going to include The Warren but I think it actually warrants a separate blog as I’ve got quite a few images and thoughts on the place. Hope you come back to read when it’s posted..!

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